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This book brings to life the shipwrecks off southeast North Carolina from Little River Inlet to Cape Fear Inlet. This area is sometimes called the South Brunswick Islands or Long Bay, and stretches from Calabash to Southport, including Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island, and Baldhead Island. This book provides stories and pictures of ships that ended up sinking off these beaches, as well as pictures and descriptions of marine life that live on these ships today.

We wrote this book to preserve the history of local shipwrecks – from the time when Spanish galleons sailed past here, to pirate ships and Civil War blockade runners, World War II freighters sunk by German U-boats, and even present day ships sunk in bad storms, such as the oceangoing tug Valour in 2006.

This book provides a glimpse into the trauma that sailors experienced just off the South Brunswick Islands coast. In some respects, everyone who lives or visits here owes what we have today to maritime warriors who fought the good fight for us – from Colonists who attacked British warships, to Confederate soldiers on blockade runners, to Coast Guardsmen patrolling the coast during World War II, and even modern-day seamen carrying cargo. We have tried in this book to describe as accurately as possible the last voyage of ships that found their final resting place off the southeast North Carolina coast. GPS numbers are provided for many wrecks.

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